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Andaman and Nicobar Islands

Andaman and Nicobar islands , spread across the bay of Bengal is a perfect holidays destination for Indian and foreign tourist/travellers looking for a unique and close experience of nature. Andaman’s evergreen forest cover , rich marine life and beautiful coastline dotted with some of the most beautiful beaches in the world has something to offer to every kind of travellers.

Andamans Islands Offer pristine beaches , tropical forest , exotic marine life, fresh sea foods and relaxed life style.India’s best tropical pristine sun kissed beaches and exotic , colorful marine life.

its simple , safe and perfect holidays destinations.the capital city Port Blair in entirely on hills by the sea line and presents clean , warm place with beaches.


the 10° Channel (150 Kms. wide), separates The Andaman & Nicobar Islands. Out of 572 islands which comprise this Union territory, 38 are permanently inhabited. This includes 28 in the Andaman Group and the rest in smaller Nicobars. The territory's capital is the Andamanese town of Port Blair. The total land area of the territory is approximately 8,073 km2 (3,117

Weather and Climate

Like most islands in the Bay of Bengal, Andaman and Nicobar too has a tropical climate with humidity about 80% and temperatures varying from 23༠C to 31༠C.The North East Monsoon sets in November where as the South West Monsoon towards the end of May.Whether remains more or less uniform throughout the year with neither extreme hot summers nor chilly winters, hence boating, swimming, snorkeling, sight seeing is open all 12 months an year. May to December is the season for nature lovers as the forest is lush green and water falls are at their prime. December to April is the best season for divers where as bird watchers enjoy mostly the winter months.

Flora and Fauna


Andaman & Nicobar Islands are blessed with a unique tropical rainforest canopy, made of a mixed flora with elements from Indian, Myanmarese, Malaysian and endemic floral strains. So far, about 2,200 varieties of plants have been recorded, out of which 200 are endemic and 1,300 do not occur in mainland India.


The territory is home to about 225 species of butterflies and moths, including some of the larger and most spectacular of the world. Ten species are endemic to these Islands. Mount Harriet National Park is one of the richest areas of butterfly and moth diversity on these Islands. About 270 species of birds are found in the territory; 14 of them are endemic, the majority to the Nicobar island group. The islands' many caves are nesting grounds for the Edible-nest Swiftlet, whose nests are prized in China for bird's nest soup.[14] The islands are well known for of prized shellfishs, especially from the genera Turbo, Trochus, Murex and Nautilus. Earliest recorded commercial exploitation began during 1929

People and Culture

Andamans has developed its secular multi cultural images with people from all indian states giving it unique cultural identity and make it really Mini india. Bengali is the dominant language and most spoken language in the Andaman-Nicobar Islands with 25.71% of the population speaking Bengali, the other major languages spoken in the Andaman-Nicobar Islands are Hindi (18.23%), Tamil (17.68%), Telugu (12.81%),Malayalam (8.11%) and Nicobarese (8.04%) according to 2001 Census of India.[3]

Things You must Know Before You pack Your Bag!

How to reach Andaman Islands

Air Link:Andamans Capital City Port Blair host the only Airport which connects only to major indian cities like chennai, kolkatta, banaglore ,mumbai and delhi.foreign tourist has to transit one of these airport to land in Port Blair. Daily indian cariiers air india, jet airways, spicejet ,goair and indigo operate daily flights form major indian cities.

Sea Link:The Govt of india operates regular Ships sailing from chennai and kolkatta .these liners are not luxury class crusie and takes about 3 to 4 days of sailing.

For Indian travelling to andamans is just like travelling to any other part of india. excpet for the fact the nicobar group of islands and tribal area will out of bound to them. however for Foreigner passport and visa is must to travel either thru air and sea and at airport on arrival they are issued a RAP- restricted access Permit for entry into andaman terrritory.

Any time is good time to be in andaman islands. if you want to avoid monsoon then october to march would be best time.and if you love monsoon we have two monsoon for you- may- july and sep-nov.

Top Destinations

Port Blair is the capital city with museums , parks and more. Port Blair has pre Indian independence historically significant places such as cellular jail , Ross island and viper islands. Port also has number of museums and parks for public amassment.

Havelocks has the top ranked beach and also the best hotel resorts. Havelock Islands is the sunshine islands of Andamans. The beaches here are ranked among the top ten beaches in the world. Apart from scenic surrounding it also boosts a number of best and awarded hotel resort. its offer best of recreational and hospitality in the Islands.

Neil islands.Neil is truly an exotic island paradise with its pristine beaches and great marine life. Neil island is about 50 km north east of port blair, south Andaman. Its boost number of beaches and some very good diving sites for scuba diving enthusiast.visit some beautiful beaches . go for swimming and snorkel in the Neil Islands for it rich marine life. Neil Island is made of coral formations. Neil has most fertile land in islands and hence called the vegetable bowl of adman, almost anything grows here.